Kaubad nutikalt kohale

Small parcel transport over Estonia.

In the case of a partial load, the goods of different customers are combined on one truck, which allows to optimize transport costs and reduce idle times.


Full loads

In the case of full load transport, the entire volume of the truck is reserved for one customer or one consignment. It is suitable for customers who have a larger quantity of goods or a need for faster and more direct transport. The advantage of full-load shipping is that the goods do not have to wait for the delivery of other goods, which can speed up deliveries and ensure more accurate arrival times.


Collection and distribution transport

We offer business customers pick-up and distribution transport with preparation of a loading plan and optimization of routes.

kaup ikeast koju

IKEA delivery

With us, it is possible to order IKEA goods across the entire continent of Estonia (including Saaremaa). We have also created an independent ordering environment for ordering from the IKEA store.


Freight and parcel transport in the direction of Saaramaa

You can send goods from any point in mainland Estonia to all settlements in Saaremaa and vice versa, including all areas accessible by van..


Warehouse service

We offer short-term storage of goods in Tartu.